Hypnos Natural Comfort Collection

The luxurious Natural Comfort Collection has been lovingly designed and handcrafted using nature’s finest materials; to provide you with supreme comfort and support, tailored to your unique body shape.

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Comfort you can rely on

Enjoy an amazing Hypnos Natural Comfort sleep experience on one of the four models that make up the Natural Collection. Therefore, a night in, or a night out, you’ll sleep well; and wake up revived from complete rest on a bed that cocoons you with a trusted blend of support and softness.

At the heart of each mattress lies over-generous layers of soft, sumptuous, sustainable and breathable fibres; utilised to work in conjunction with intelligent pocket springs to provide zonal body support.

The Hypnos Natural Comfort Collection of Beds and Mattresses

The Hypnos Hazel Deluxe

Upholstered with Generous Layers of Traditional Wool

This luxury handmade mattress features a 3 Zone ReActive™ pocket spring system. Each Reactive™ spring has 8 turns; independently and actively sensing your shape and weight distribution, providing comfort and support exactly where you and your partner need it.

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The Hypnos Aspen Supreme

Three Zoned Pocket Spring System

Enjoy blissful relief from any pressure with the Hypnos three-zoned pocket spring system; topped with a sumptuous and naturally soft blend of natural wool, silk and luxuriously soft and fluffy fleece wool. A favourite in our stores.

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The Hypnos Maple Superb

Finely Tailored by the Master Craftsmen at Hypnos Beds

Multiple layers of horsetail, wool and cashmere sit either side of the Hypnos UltraSens™ pocket spring system.  Each UltraSens™ has 14 active turns; independently and actively sensing your body shape, providing support exactly where required.

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The Hypnos Willow Sublime

Simply the Most Luxurious Hypnos Bed in the Natural Collection

This luxury seasonal turn mattress features a 3-Zone UltraSends™ pocket spring system. Each UltraSens™ spring has 14 active turns; and as a result, is upholstered on both sides with soft and sumptuous layers of wool, silk and Alpaca.

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