Hypnos Orthos Support Collection

Experience true comfort and relaxation with the Orthos Support firmer feeling divan and mattress, so you can look forward to a rejuvenating sleep every single night.

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Crafted from experience

This range of four Orthos Elite beds by Hypnos has been crafted with support in mind, with a fimer feel Hypnos have made no compromise on comfort.  Pocket springs combine with luxurious natural fillings both sides of the mattress spring unit providing just the right amount of cushioning.

The Orthos Support Elite mattresses are matched with a solid top, non sprung divan to give an extra supportive firmer feel. Why not upgrade your divan base to the Hypnos super storage ottoman; or the hideaway base? Both options will provide significantly more storage than under bed drawers.

The Orthos Elite Collection of Beds and Mattresses

The Hypnos Orthos Elite Wool

Outstanding Value for Money

One of the most popular models in Jones and Tomlin’s 70 year trading history. Simply supportive with inbuilt comfort and firmness; the Orthos Elite Wool can be purchased as either a mattress on its own or a full divan set with a number of storage and fabric options.

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The Hypnos Orthos Elite Silk

Featuring the ReActive™ 8 Turn Pocket System

A silk and wool upholstered mattress; featuring the Hypnos ReActive™ eight turn pocket spring, which slightly softens the mattress in comparison to the Orthos Elite Wool. Breathable, fresh and supportive; a definite favourite in our stores.

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The Hypnos Orthos Elite Cashmere

Beautifully Tailored with Cashmere, Wool and Cotton

As a result, soft, comfortable and naturally temperature regulating; therefore, Cashmere is the ideal natural material to use to upholster a mattress. However, the Orthos Elite Cashmere stays true to the Orthos Supports firmer feel with its patented ReActive™ 9 turn spring.

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The Hypnos Orthos Elite Alpaca

Natural Body Temperature Regulation

Ultimate luxury and support with the patented ReActive™ 9 turn pocket spring system. In addition, upholstered with naturally soft and breathable layers of Alpaca, wool, cotton and Solotex™ but on a slightly firmer spring making this one of the firmer beds in the collection.

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