Hypnos Royal Comfort Collection

The Jewel in the crown of the Hypnos Bed collections, the Royal Comfort collection is the ultimate choice for sleep and well-being.

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Amazing restfulness

Inspired by the Hypnos archive of designs and commissions; this deeply luxurious collection is a legend in elegance and comfort. Featuring exquisite fabric design options from Sanderson, also by Royal appointment.

These two beds sit among the very finest beds that are available on the market; therefore, both are also on display in our Horsham store and the Sovereign is displayed in our Chichester store. Pop down for a coffee and see for yourself!

The Hypnos Royal Comfort Collection

The Hypnos Sovereign Divan Set

Comfort in your sleep

Sumptuous luxury, hand crafted with the finest all-natural materials for a peerless sleeping experience.  A magnificient mattress in both design and function.

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The Hypnos Eminence Divan Set

The Jewel in the Crown

Exquisite in form and hand-built artistry; this mattress offers superb comfort and temperature control, however, the expert blend of breathable latex and natural fibres.

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