The Dartmoor Shepherd

Add a touch of luxury to your home, and support ethical rare breed farming, with our range of limited edition sheepskin products direct from the Dartmoor Shepherd.


Gorgeous cushions to add an elegant and luxurious look to any home.

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Make a statement with these handmade sheepskin beanbags .

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Longwool Rugs

Luxurious sheepskin rugs boasting a natural tight curl and the softest finish.

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First generation shepherds

As first generation shepherds, Lewis and Flora saw that although their sheep couldn’t compete with modern breeds in many ways, they do still have something far superior to offer; their sheepskins.

Ancient Dartmoor flocks

All Dartmoor Shepherd products begin with their own flocks of 3 native Dartmoor sheep – The Whiteface Dartmoor, The Greyface Dartmoor and The Devon and Cornwall Longwool.

A truly superior product

Buying a Dartmoor Shepherd sheepskin means you are buying direct from the shepherd. Everything they sell is a bi-product of slow grown, pasture fed hogget/lamb. The sheep never leave Dartmoor throughout the entire process from lambing to the tanning of rugs. By working closely with Britain’s oldest tannery, less than 20 miles from where the sheep graze, this produces a truly superior product.

Farming in harmony with nature

Lewis and Flora are firm believers that farming is part of the solution to the world’s climate problems. They maintain the ancient Dartmoor pastures around them locking carbon into the land. All of their sheep are completely grass fed using a holistic grazing approach including sowing wild flower mixes, housing beehives and never using fertilisers. Sheep are key to preserving the beauty and diversity of the wildlife within the National Park.

Limited Edition Sheepskins

When you buy a Dartmoor Shepherd product you are supporting their ethos of farming with nature and you are helping to create a lifeline for the ancient, native Dartmoor breeds. You are also buying a limited edition sheepskin as their breeds are so rare and they are the last commercial producers of these rugs.

It’s all about the sheep

Three traditional Dartmoor longwool breeds

The Whiteface Dartmoor

One of the most ancient sheep breeds in England. This hardy sheep was bred to survive the wildest parts of Dartmoor and forms our main flock. They make excellent mothers and can be found grazing our moorland fields around the Chagford commons.

The Greyface Dartmoor

This breed was first recognised in 1907 and are distinctly recognisable buy their sweet black noses and ‘teddy’ bear features. We have one of the largest flocks left in the world.

The Devon and Cornwall Longwool

More rare than the Bengal Tiger; this attractive chunky breed produces more wool per sheep than any other British breed. Sadly there are only about 800 breeding ewes remaining in the world, of which we have 60.

Do’s and Don’ts

Cleaning your sheepskin rug/product

If you would like to clean your rug we suggest hand-washing it in cool water. Only use pure soap or very mild detergents.

After washing your rug in cool water, gently squeeze the water out of the rug, re-shape it with your hands and dry it flat. Whilst your rug is drying we suggest gently flexing it so the hide stays supple. Once your rug is dry, if it is a native Dartmoor longwool fleece we strongly advise not to brush your rug. Brushing a Dartmoor rug will cause it to lose its natural curls/waves and will encourage the fleece to puff up.

Alternatively we suggest gently teasing the curls with your hands to loosen them up again once the rug is dry. If you have a soft close wool sheepskin rug then brushing is advised.