Vispring Buying Guide: How to Choose Your Mattress

Read on for the Vispring Buying Guide; as you know they make a range of beds and mattresses; offering different spring tensions, fillings and sizes. Try a few in our Horsham, Chichester or Worthing Bedding Centres to determine which is the perfect option for you.

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It’s all about the correct support

At Jones and Tomlin we believe a good nights sleep is about body support; and buying a mattress that is the correct firmness or tension is crucial to that. Too firm and you will get a build up of pressure points; too soft and your spine will not be straight. This Vispring Buying Guide will give an overview of the relationship between your body weight and our suggested mattress tensions for you.

Experienced staff

As we all come in different shapes and sizes, we are in a position to help; all of our staff at Jones and Tomlin have years of experience in selling Vispring (we have been a stockist for nearly 50 years); and can help you make the correct decisions. Call into one of our stores or give us a phone for more information.

How to choose your bed

Try a number of beds

Vispring make a range of beds, offering different spring tensions, fillings and sizes. Try a few in our showrooms to determine which one is the perfect option for you; and don’t rush, finding your ideal level of support and comfort takes time. Our fully trained staff will help you find the right bed and mattress firmness just for you.

Check the support

If the mattress is too firm, you will be able to slide your hand easily between the mattress and the hollow of your back.  If the mattress is too soft, you will not be able to slide your hand beneath your back.  Support is what buying a bed is all about, our guide expands on getting the correct support as you scroll down this page.

Measure your room

Buying the largest bed you can accommodate will reduce sleep disturbance. Vispring can make divans in sections to negotiate small entrances and tight staircases.

Make an investment

You will spend a third of your life in bed; and a good night’s sleep will contribute to your long term well-being, so its worth investing in the best bed possible.

Mattress support guidelines

Too Soft – The spine bends downwards, causing pressure around the hips.

Too Firm – The spine bows upwards, causing pressure around the shoulders and knees.

Perfect Support – The spine is straight; the hips and shoulders are perfectly supported by the mattress;, as a result, avoiding the build up of pressure and giving you every chance of the best nights sleep.

Making the right choice of mattress tension

Each mattress that Vispring makes comes in a choice of four mattress firmness options. These are Soft, Medium, Firm and Extra Firm. Vispring offer four mattress tensions to provide the best support for your body weight.

Your Body Weight Suggested Mattress Tension
Up to 11 Stone (70kg) Soft
11-16 Stone (70kg – 102kg) Medium
16-20 Stone (102kg – 127kg) Firm
Above 20 Stone (127kg) Extra Firm

This table should only be used as a guide, as we all come in different shapes and sizes. However, ideally a new bed or mattress should always be tried and tested before you make your purchase.

We have full ranges of Vispring on display in our Sussex Showrooms. Our factory trained, experienced staff would be delighted to talk you through the range of Vispring beds and mattresses; and find the mattress firmness that’s right for you.

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