Buying a new bed or mattress? With so many ranges, models and retailers to choose from in the UK, it’s not always easy to know where to begin your search. With so many things to consider, it can often feel like an overwhelming decision to make.

Fear not, here at Jones & Tomlin, we strive to make the bed buying process as simple and stress-free as possible and will always give you enough expert advice to make an informed purchase (should you require our help). We asked a handful of our friendly, sleep experts to share some of their top tips. Here’s what they had to say…

How much do you move in your sleep?

E-Commerce Manager Lewis Evans says: “I think my favourite tip is asking a customer whether they’re a fidgety sleeper. It’s not a question that many customers, or indeed other salespeople, consider yet they always have an answer.”

“Fidgety sleepers should consider choosing a bed that lets them move freely as not to disturb their sleep cycles when they naturally move during the night. I’d recommend choosing a (not overly soft) pocket sprung mattress and avoiding memory foam or natural latex which tends to mould around the body.”

Don’t assume that firmer is better

Horsham Sales Consultant, Alex Faux says: “Thanks to many years of bed industry marketing, most people assume that a firm feel mattress is better for their backs. The truth is that this has never been proven in a medical study. Rather than lying on a mattress, your body should slightly sink into the mattress to achieve proper support. The “benefits” of a firm feel are often mentioned to make some mattresses sound much better than they actually are. Don’t get caught out by sales spin if a firm feel isn’t for you.”

Keep dry with natural fillings

Worthing Sales Consultant, Richard Waite says: “Believe it or not, the average person sweats close to 2 litres of water per night – with most of this coming from the head. Mattresses made with natural fillings such as wool, cotton, and horsehair are able to wick away this moisture, allow air to circulate, and create a cool and dry sleeping environment.”

Take your time

Chichester Sales Consultant, Paul Palfrey says: “After really listening to their individual needs and offering my advice, I like to leave customers to try out as many beds as needed on their own. Taking your time and relaxing really is the best way to choose the perfect new bed and there’s nothing worse than lying there with a pushy salesperson making you feel rushed to make a decision. Grab a comfortable pillow, lie in the position you’d normally wake up in, and shut your eyes. You’ll soon get a feel for how you could be sleeping every night.”

Need some more help? Our friendly team is on hand to provide expert advice to make the bed buying process as easy as possible. Call us on 01903 228911 or visit our stores today!