Top Five Best Mattresses

Our top 5 best mattresses are all current favourites with our customers!

Idyll Sleep Mattress – from £300

A unique combination of 1000 pocket springs and 1000 micro springs support and cradle your body; whilst cool gel infused memory foam and advanced airflow technology provides outstanding pressure relief without heat build-up.

An encapsulated “F-joint” border offers edge-to-edge support; and a support-foam layer prevents the mattress from sagging.

Supplied rolled and vacuum-packed, this hybrid mattress-in-a-box is delivered to your room of choice for free; and comes with a 100 night trial and 10 year guarantee.

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Hypnos Bamboo Support 1000 Mattress – from £449

Exclusive to Jones & Tomlin, the Hypnos Bamboo Support 1000 mattress utilises the ReActive™ 6 turn pocket spring system. One thousand individual pocket springs provide core individual support for you and your partner – with the benefit of no roll-together.

Upholstered with generous layers of soft wool, cotton and bamboo, these superior natural fillings offer outstanding comfort and breathability. The mattress can be ordered as a divan set with your choice of base, headboard, storage and fabric.

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Manor Rose Windsor Mattress – from £425

The Manor Rose Windsor mattress offers quality craftsmanship and superb value for money.

Traditionally hand-made in Manchester, the Windsor mattress includes no less than 1000 individual pocket springs which adapt to the shape of your body; and benefits from luxurious natural fillings and hand side-stitching. Exclusive to Jones & Tomlin, this firmer tension mattress is available in all sizes, will be delivered into your room of choice and is covered by a 10 year guarantee.

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Millbrook Anchor Mattress – from £355

The Anchor features 1000 pocket springs to provide superior support to the whole body. A unique zonal spring system provides extra strength to the sides of the mattress; and reduces sleep disturbance caused by movement.

The mattress is a medium/soft feel providing truly luxurious sleep comfort – upholstered with soft natural fillings of Hampshire Wool, performance cotton and silk. The Anchor features 2 rows of traditional hand side-stitching, a quilted mattress surface and chemical-free ticking.

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Enchanted House Tiverton Mattress – from £735

Hand-made to order on Dartmoor, Devon, the Tiverton mattress is one of the most popular pocket sprung mattresses ever sold at Jones and Tomlin.

With 1000 pocket springs and upholstered by hand with the finest loose Dartmoor wool (all from the family farm); the mattress offers luxurious softness, outstanding quality and construction. It’s a truly indulgent mattress at an incredible price.

The high quality craftsmanship of Enchanted House is reflected in their exceptional 12 year guarantee.

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Mattress Buying Guide

Buying a mattress can be tricky. Everyone requires different levels of support, and what might seem firm to one person could be the softest mattress in the world for another.

So if you need help knowing your Mohair from your Cashmere, your Cotton from your Bamboo, or want to understand the differences between Latex and Pocket Sprung mattresses, then our Mattress Buying Guide will help you through this tumultuous subject.

Mattress Buying Guide