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Last updated: 21/05/19

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Bed Linen - FAQs

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Where can I buy non-standard size bed linen?

We are lucky enough to be dealing with a selection of bespoke linen manufacturers that can adapt items to almost any size. Please call or email us for more information.

Is Egyptian cotton the best you can buy?

Selecting the finest quality bed linen can be confusing amid so many claims of thread counts and finishes. With decades of experience, we understand cotton and the secret to detecting what is the best. Of course thread count is important but when choosing the finest there are other considerations, such as the quality of the cotton itself, the feel of the fabric against your skin, the and the design.  Please click here to view bed linen made from Egyptian cotton.

What does "thread count" mean?

Technically, thread count means the number of threads woven together in a square inch. You count both lengthwise (warp) and widthwise (weft) threads. So 100 lengthwise threads woven with 100 widthwise threads produce a thread count of 200.

What is the best thread count to buy?

The thread count is influenced by the construction and quality of the yarn used. With finer threads, such as Egyptian cotton, more threads can be woven into a square inch, which produces a finer fabric. It is well to be wary of marketing claims of very high thread counts, sometimes up to 1000. These claims are made by twisting fine threads to achieve the high numbers for customers who may, understandably, buy on thread count alone.

What does percale mean?

Percale is a name given to woven cloth (usually used for bed linen) that is at least or over 200 thread-count. It does not relate at all to the composition of the cloth fibres.

Do you sell extra depth fitted sheets?

Yes, all of our sheets will go over any mattress that we sell, if you are buying new sheets for an existing mattress, then please measure yours carefully and refer to our linen size guide if you are not sure.

What benefits does using polyester in bed linen have?

Generally, polyester isn't as comfortable as cotton because it keeps sweat close to your body, whereas cotton soaks up and then releases moisture. Unlike cotton, polyester does not breathe and is apt to stick to skin when an individual sweats, but it IS extremely tear-resistant and is more elastic than cotton.

Should I wash my bed linen before using it?

Home laundering is recommended for all of our linens before use to remove and excess due residue, loose threads from manufacturing, and of course to soften up the fabric slightly.

How much will my bed linen shrink?

Bear in mind that all 100% cotton sheets / duvet covers etc can and may shrink up to 7% in size. All of our luxury bed linen manufacturers produce all items larger than normal to accomodate for this.

How do I wash my duvet?

We always recommend a professional dry-cleaners to wash your duvet, however it's always worth checking the label as natural and synthetic duvets will have different care instructions.

What are the different sizes of sheets?

Please refer to our size guide for details.

What are the measurements of standard duvets?

Please refer to our size guide for details.

What is a "tog"?

The tog (Thermal Overall Grade) is a measure of thermal insulance of a unit area of a duvet. Tog ratings are based on a duvet's ability to trap warm air. Natural filled duvets have better thermal properties than synthetic, and need less filling to achieve the same level of warmth, so their weight can be deceptive.

  • Lightweight (Summer):  4.5 tog
  • Spring/Autumn weight:  9.0 - 10.5 tog
  • Heavyweight (Winter):   12.0 - 13.5 tog

What is "down"?

Down is a spherical plumule of thousands of soft fibres radiating in all directions from a central quill point, usually originating from geese and ducks. Down has been used as the perfect duvet / pillow filling for centuries now due to its incredible thermal efficiency and being very lightweight to allow our body to relax at night, to feel warm and yet to allow for movement with little interference. Hungarian goose down from Brinkhaus is considered to be the finest, being the most insulative and lightweight, all credit to the higher altitudes and harsher winds / temperatures that the outer feathers endure to create the softest and finest down.

What is an "all seasons" duvet?

Our All Seasons duvets offer great flexibility. They consist of two separate duvets – a lightweight 4.5 tog for summer and a warmer 9 tog for autumn and spring. During winter, you simply put the two duvets together for a cosy 13.5 tog duvet.  Please click here to view our selection of all-seasons duvets in our online store.

What is the best filling for a duvet?

Duvets with natural fillings are soft, light and comfortable, in the same way that natural fibres help your skin 'breathe' more effectively. They are also highly resilient and tend to last longer than those with synthetic fillings.

Duck feather and down duvets are heavier than goose down, which many people prefer. A top quality natural-filled duvet could last as long as 30 years, whereas the average lifespan of a good quality synthetic will be up to 10 years.

What does "box-stitching" mean?

A box stitched duvet is specifically engineered to solve the dilemma faced by many in a modern well insulated houses and apartments, it is a system of boxes that are separated by a series of internal fabric walls. This cross stitching in a box format prevents the shifting of down while the baffle wall construction eliminates cold spots and allows the down to loft to its full potential.

What is the best pillow to buy?

Bearing in mind that a fifth of our body weight is our heads, good investment needs to be made when purchasing a new pillow. Being such a personal preference with almost all of our shoppers, it's hard to actually recommend a good pillow. Sleeping position is the most important part to consider, as a side sleeper will need a deeper pillow to fill the gap between shoulder and neck, whereas a back or front sleeper will need a shallower profile pillow. Please email for more advice in picking the right pillow.

What do I do if I'm allergic to feathers or down?

We offer a great selection of synthetically filled non-allergy pillows and duvets to suit your needs.

Do you sell continental pillows / large square pillows?

Yes we do! Please click here to view square pillows in our online store

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