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Last updated: 21/05/19

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Beds & Mattresses - FAQs

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How do I find out more about a product or item?

Please email us or call on 01903 228911 for expert advice in answering any queries you may have.

What are your most popular selling beds?

Click on the "Top Sellers" tab on the far right hand side of the categories tab and you can browse the best selling items from each category.

Do I have to buy a new base if I'm replacing my old mattress?

You wouldn't lay a new carpet on the old underlay! We always recommend you buy a base and mattress together because the two are designed to compliment one another in terms of support. Your existing base might not be showing visible signs of wear and tear, but will have had equal pressure and strain to your old mattress. If you purchase a new mattress to go onto an old base it will also compromise the warranty - please click here for further information on divan bed bases.

I have allergies. Which beds are suitable for me?

This can depend on a lot of different factors. Frequent washing of bedding and airing of your bedroom will help to maintain a healthy sleeping enironment. Have a browse through our linen section for anti-allergy mattress protectors. If any particular allergies are a concern to you, just drop us an email or phone us for advice.

How long will my bed last?

The "average" lifetime of a bed is typically between 8 and 10 years. We offer advice for prolonging the life of your bed in the buying guides at the bottom of the page in the customer service section. As with the quality of the bed or mattress that you choose, the lifespan will differ. Selecting a quality product will ensure that you experience a superior level of comfort and restful sleep throughout your bed or mattresses lifetime.

How long is the guarantee on beds?

Unless otherwise stated under the products' description, all items will come with a standard 1 year guarantee. Further details are found by clicking here.

How often should I turn or rotate my mattress?

The first 3-6 months use of a new bed or mattress do require more frequent turning, we do however sell many non-turn mattresses that will only need rotating if turning them over is an issue. Every new bed or mattress will come with a care guide that applies to the mattress that you have purchased.

What side do the drawers come out on a single bed?

Whichever way you like! Single beds can be spun round to suit whichever way you need the drawers to be on, headboard bolt inserts will be at both opposite ends of the divan base to accomodate.

Will my existing headboard fit onto a new bed?

Yes, any UK-made headboard will fit any of our standard size beds - please click here to view headboards in our online store.

What is/are memory foam / latex / pocket springs / open coil?

Please refer to our bed buying guide for comprehensive advice on choosing the right bed or mattress for you.

What do all the different types of fillings do?

Again, please refer to our bed buying guide for comprehensive advice on choosing the right bed or mattress for you.

What is hand side-stitching?

Hand side stitching is a labour-intensive process involving the perimeter rows of pocket springs to be directly sewn to the side panels of the mattress to give complete and absolute edge to edge support and prevent the side panels from bulking out over time. Genuine hand side-stitching is normally only found amongst elite bed makers such as our VI-Spring and Somnus branded beds or mattresses.

What is machine side-stitching?

A simulated hand stitch (or machine stitch) is used to give the impression of genuine hand side-stitching. Machine side stitching is purely a decorative detail and does nothing towards the construction of the mattress.

I have purchased a rolled up mattress. How long should I leave it from opening it to be able to use it?

Once you have unrolled your mattress, place it on the bed in a warm room for at least 8 hours before use. After this time the mattress will form its usual shape. Recovery time will be quicker in a warmer room. Please make sure the room is well ventilated as the mattress has been factory vacuum-packed and may ommit a slight odour for a short period of time.

My bed / mattress has arrived but it is too short?

This is perfectly normal with pocket sprung mattresses, during transportation they will 'squash down' or compact as the spring system is not secured in place. Over time your mattress will eventually spread out to it's full size, this can take anything up to 2 months to happen.

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