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Choosing your perfect Vispring bed


inside_a_vi-spring_bed_350From soft to extra firm, find the perfect VI-Spring bed that fits you perfectly. VI‑Spring mattresses and divans work together to provide softness and support for your body. The finest natural fibres are expertly blended to provide incredible cushioning; pocket springs add resilience that responds to your body and its movements. The result is a VI-Spring bed that offers supreme comfort, tailored for you.

It is essential to take time to choose the bed that suits you best. Consider your weight when choosing between soft, medium, firm and extra firm mattress spring tensions. Take account of your height, as well as the size of your room, when deciding how big your bed needs to be. And of course, be guided by what comfort means to you.

The VI‑Spring Combination Mattress

Each person’s concept of comfort is unique and we all have different sleep needs. To guarantee the best night’s sleep for you and your partner, VI‑Spring will make your mattress with different spring tensions on each side – either soft and medium, medium and firm, or firm and extra firm. The VI‑Spring Combination mattress: unique support but with shared comfort.

Up to 11 stone (70kgs)
11-16 stone (70-102kgs)
16-20 stone (102-127kgs)
Above 20 stone (127kgs)

vi-spring_divan_base_200_01The VI‑Spring divan base – the foundation of your bed

A VI‑Spring divan base combines the strength of slow grown Scandinavian Pine, with body responsive six turn pocketed springs and a generous filling of premium natural fibres. The quality of its construction means that, even on its own, a VI‑Spring divan is more comfortable than many famous name mattresses. There is no better foundation for a Vi‑Spring mattress. Please click here for further information on VI-Spring divan bases.

How to choose your bed

  1. Try a number of beds - VI‑Spring makes a range of beds and mattresses, offering different spring tensions, fillings and sizes. Try a few in order to determine which one is the perfect option for you.
  2. Do not rush your purchase - finding your ideal level of support and cushioning takes time. Test each bed for at least 10 minutes, with your partner if you share a bed. Lie in the position that you usually sleep in and turn over a few times.
  3. Check the support- if the mattress is too firm, you will be able to slide your hand easily between the mattress and the hollow of your back. If the mattress is too soft, you will not be able to slide your hand beneath your back.
  4. Measure your room - buying the largest bed you can accommodate will reduce sleep disturbance. Vi‑Spring can make divans in sections to negotiate small entrances and tight staircases.
  5. Make an investment - you will spend a third of your life in bed and a good night’s sleep will contribute to your long term wellbeing, so it is worth investing in the best bed possible.

VI-Spring mattresses – naturally healthier

pg12_wool_rt_375VI-Spring uses premium natural materials to make its mattresses and divans. This means you can rest easy on luxurious silk, wool and cotton, rather than the synthetic foam that is used in lesser beds. The natural fibers keep your bed feeling fresh and clean. And unlike the chemical free premium British fleece wool used in a VI-Spring bed, synthetic foam emits fumes that may affect those with breathing problems or sensitive skin.

Support that responds to your body - foam begins to degrade soon after the manufacturing process, steadily losing its integrity and responsiveness. VI-Spring combines sumptuous layers of fine natural fibers with its unique six turn pocketed springs, which are made from an exclusive strong and supple steel alloy. Each spring is sewn into an individual calico pocket and nested by hand into a honeycomb formation, for fewer gaps. Each spring moves independently in response to your body, supporting your spine and cradling you from head to toe as you sleep. Please click here for further information on VI-Spring pocket springs and why they are the best in the world.

Reducing allergens, mold and mites VI-Spring beds are made with natural fibers and fitted with air vents, helping air to circulate freely through the mattress and divan. Not only does this keep the bed fresher, it helps to reduce the moisture that can cause mold and mildew, and which provides the ideal environment for dust mites. We each release around a cup of moisture during our sleep. Unlike foam, which retains moisture, the natural fibers in a VI-Spring bed wick moisture away from the body and allow it to evaporate easily from the mattress. We also shed around 11 pounds of dead skin each year, which dust mites feed on. VI-Spring encases every one of its mattresses in tightly woven damask fibre, which helps prevent dead skin penetrating into the upholstery, further deterring dust mites. For healthy, trouble free sleep, VI-Spring is your natural choice.


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