The superior qualities of a wool mattress are nothing new to us at Jones & Tomlin; in fact, we’ve been passing on the benefits of wool to our customers for as long as we can remember.

Wool is such an incredible natural fibre and offers superb benefits to help achieve that all-important great night’s sleep. For all the mattress fillings and technological advances out there, we stand by the view that wool is a dream product for the bed industry. Here’s why:


Regulates Temperature

If you regularly wake up feeling too hot or too cold, then wool is nature’s gift to your world of sleep.

As a hygroscopic fibre, which when packed tightly together create lots of tiny air pockets, wool absorbs and releases more body moisture. Our best-selling Hypnos Orthos Elite Wool mattress allows your skin to breathe, helps to regulate body temperature and keep you feeling dry in bed.

Extra Spring

Wool fibres are naturally springy and are incredible at resisting wear and tear. Used as a layer in between pocket springs and other natural fillings, it’s the ideal product to provide extra supportive sleep comfort and help to extend the life of the Millbrook Sextant mattress.

Renewable, Sustainable and Biodegradable

Luxury bed manufacturers understand that wool is the natural choice for the environment. If there is plentiful grass on the menu, sheep will produce new wool; and once we humans have no more need for it, the wool can be returned to the soil without posing any environmental risk. Wool usually decomposes fully within 6 months, while synthetic fibres can take up to 200 years to degrade.

And Breathe…

As wool is anti-bacterial and can trap dust, it’s the ideal mattress filling for anyone suffering from allergies caused by synthetic fibres or dust mites.

Wool fibres like those in the Manor Rose Clarendon Mattress are also naturally flame-resistant and allow manufacturers to use less fire-retardant chemicals in their production. This also helps to create a purer sleep environment and the perfect solution for allergy sufferers.


A Marriage Made In Wool Mattress Heaven

What better way to celebrate the power of wool than by filling our mattresses with the very best? Our exclusive collection from Enchanted House Beds includes hand-teased layers and exquisite qualities of their own Dartmoor wool. It really is a marriage made in wool heaven!

Enchanted House Beds

Used in our best-selling beds and mattresses, Enchanted House source wool from their own family farm on Dartmoor. Hand-teased to avoid compressing the wool fibres too much, the process gives superior comfort and spring to the mattress.

Hand-made to order, our collection has been elevated to simply breath-taking levels of sleep comfort and support at an incredible price.


Find Out More

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