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Vispring Beds - Handmade like no other bed

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Every Vispring bed is meticulously constructed by hand, to order, by men and women who have trained for years to learn their craft. In the Vispring workshop in Devon, these skilled technicians will put together the unique combination of spring tension, mattress filling and fabric to create your one-of-a-kind bed. It is this attention to detail and bespoke service that makes Vispring a leader in the world of luxury beds.



VI-Spring pioneered the pocket spring more than a century ago and the company has been the leading specialist in mattress spring technology ever since.




pg7_man_side_stitching_01_rt_300VI-Spring is one of the very few bed manufacturers to make it's own springs, in a process almost unchanged since 1901, ensuring that only the finest-grade steel and the highest standards of workmanship go into their production. Each spring works to shape your VI-Spring mattress to your body, adjusting to your movements to provide constant, cradling support without areas of pressure. The springs work with the bed's upholstery, providing a perfect balance of strength and softness. The supple springs return to their original shape after use, maintaining the structure and intergrity of your mattress for longer.

 Strong, supple steel
I-Spring exclusively adds Vanadium to it's spring steel to make an alloy that retains it's strength and suppleness for longer than standard steel. This high-specification steel alloy allows VI-Spring to make springs with smaller gauge wire for sumptuous, sustained comfort.

The important numbers
Many bed manufacturers promote the number of springs in their bed as an indicator of comfort. VI-Spring doesn't agree. Each VI-Spring mattress and divan features a single or double layer of closely nested pocket springs at it's heart - the twin-layer construction of spring in VI-Spring's finest mattress providing even more support and responsiveness to your body's movements. But it is the shape of the springs and the gauge of the wire from which they are made that is most important. VI-Spring uses seven diameters of steel and Vanadium wire to form it's springs. VI-Spring also makes 30 different spring types which vary in the diameter and the pitch of their six coils.

pg8_man_threading_rt_300Uniquely pocketed springs
VI-Spring places every spring under compression in natural calico pockets, so they offer immediate resistance to your body weight. The pockets contain the springs while allowing them to work independently, gently supporting you from head to tow as you sleep. VI-Spring craftsmen hand-nest the pocket springs in a honeycomb pattern that maximises the support offered by each bed and minimises the gaps, for exceptional resilience and comfort in every mattress and divan.

A feeling of luxury
Each VI-Spring mattress and divan is made with a unique combination of spring numbers, gauges and shapes, to give an incredible range of sleeping options. You can personalise these with your preferred Soft, Medium, Firm or Extra Firm spring tensions for your perfect VI-Spring bed.


Please click here to view Vispring bed, Vispring mattress or Vispring Heaven mattress toppers in our online store


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