We spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping, and whilst everybody is different, an average of 7-9 hours of sleep per day is recommended for adults to maintain a healthy body and mind. Losing any amount of this can begin to cause physical and mental fatigue so why is it that we require so much sleep to keep ourselves going? Why is sleep so important to your life?

Keep the doctor away

It’s been shown that a lack of quality sleep can cause all manner of physical health problems.

Ever feel the need to eat more after a poor night’s sleep? Studies have shown that continued sleep deprivation can lead to a higher risk of obesity – caused by reduced levels of leptin (a chemical that suppresses hunger) and increased levels of ghrelin (increases appetite). Sleeping for a regular 7-9 hours a day allows your body to keep better control of your food intake and will drastically decrease the chances of suffering serious health issues.

The consequences of prolonged tiredness can mean a struggle to process the glucose in the body. This in turn can lead to a higher probability of diabetes and has the potential to increase blood pressure and put a strain on the heart.

Soothe muscles and strengthen the immune system

As we get older our bodies struggle with all manner of aches and pains. Luckily, sleep allows your body to fully rest and soothe the muscles and joints. Aside from this, your immune system gets stronger with better quality sleep and helps you to fight off colds and other nasty bugs – something that’s extremely relevant in these Covid-19 times.

No matter what the ache or pain, we’re confident that there’s a bed or mattress that will help you sleep better. Choose from hypo-allergenic natural latex that instantly reacts to body movement, luxurious natural fillings providing sumptuous layers of comfort or cutting-edge adjustable beds offering the ultimate in support. There really is something to suit everyone.

Improve your mental well-being

In today’s hectic world our mental well-being is more important than ever. Stress, anxiety and depression can be caused by any number of things and can be difficult for someone to come to terms with, let alone effectively treat. It is thought that work is the biggest contributor to a dip in mental health, however, a lack of sleep will damage your mental state much more than a bad day at the office.

When we sleep our bodies go into a state of rest, repairing and rejuvenating themselves, but our minds are often still hard at work. We consume such a vast amount of information on a daily basis, and at such speeds, that our brains do not process all of this information straight away, but rather store it away to properly sort out later on.

Reduce anxiety and depression

Any disruption to this process can cause stress hormones to disrupt your brains functionality, leaving your thought and emotional responses in a state of disarray. This can lead to insomnia, which in turn increases the symptoms of anxiety and depression.

It’s been proven that regular and decent sleep habits can significantly reduce the symptoms of mental stress. Our brains are able to take back control, maintain the correct hormone levels and sort through all of the day’s information, meaning you will start to find your emotional state improves, as well as your ability to take in and store information.

Increase your libido

Lost that spark? Research suggests that a lack of quality sleep can cause lower libidos and loss of interest in sex (something parents of young children can certainly advocate).

Don’t go to bed angry

The popular saying advises not to go to bed angry when you have had an argument with someone. The same hormones released when we are agitated will impede our sleep, keeping your brain active and making you focus on the fight. Smoothing out the creases in a relationship problem will help you feel calmer and happier, releasing endorphins and helping your brain relax.

On the subject of partner problems, on average, we are awoken 6 times a night by the person we share a bed with moving around. This interrupts important sleep cycles and leads to less effective sleep. To counter this, couples will sometimes look to sleep in separate beds to help them sleep. However, there are alternatives to this solution.

Comfort is subjective and there’s no guarantee that two people will agree on the same level needed. Maybe you are suited to a softer feel, whereas your partner prefers something a little firmer. Fortunately, a dual tension mattress can be a perfect way to keep both of you happy. These mattresses split evenly down the middle and provide different tensions on both sides to ensure a perfect night’s sleep for you both.

You can even choose a zip-and-link mattress from luxury brands such as Vispring and Enchanted House. These give you the flexibility to split a large bed into two singles that can be discreetly separated if necessary.

The tools for better sleep

It’s important to remember that getting a good night’s sleep doesn’t have to be a nightmare. We can all make the appropriate lifestyle choices to help our physical and mental well-being.

Having said that, choosing the right mattress, bed or pillow is just as important as eating at the appropriate times or switching off electronic devices before bedtime. The way you sleep can depend on your size, shape, and even gender, and your choice of mattress and pillow should reflect this as well.

Our handy mattress guide helps you to find the right bed to help you in your quest for better quality sleep.

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