Join the queue – the idyll mattress-in-a-box is here! Don’t be fooled, one mattress-in-a-box is not the same as another. We’ve seen a fair few of these stylish hybrid solutions flood our social media feeds, which is why we’re here to explain why ours is a little different. If you do your research and buy right first time you’ll be happy in bed for a good eight years (until it’s time for a recommended refresh).  

Here’s five reasons why idyll will become your bedtime bestie:

  1. It’s unique

The way our mattress-in-a-box is designed is unique: we combine 1000 comfort micro springs with 1000 supportive pocket springs. These dual composition layers both ease and support, cradling your body for a solid night’s sleep.  
  1. It’s made better

Here comes the technical bit: we use an encapsulated ‘F-joint’ foam border that makes our mattress incredibly strong and durable. On top of that we include a special layer of foam that makes it sag-free, adding to its long lifespan. Thoughtful design meets quality craftsmanship to produce a superior mattress that lasts. We are so happy with it, we’ve given it our 10 year guarantee!  
  1. It’s comfy

Have you ever wondered why hotel beds are so comfortable? The secret is in the thickness of the mattress, and we make ours as deep as possible to provide you with the same levels of comfort and luxury at home. Six different layers are needed to tackle the complex requirements of a sleeping human, and we’re proud of our carefully selected materials that work harmoniously together to bring you peace and relaxation.  
  1. It’s as cool as a cucumber

One of our most reported sleep issues is the feeling of being too hot and stuffy in bed. The idyll mattress works to combat this with our innovative cooling system, comprising of a high-quality cooling gel and inventive micro-holes that allow air to flow between memory foam layers. This technology has been designed to reduce heat and keep you feeling fresh into the wee hours.    
  1. It’s yours to test

We understand that buying a mattress might be the culmination of hours of research followed by a single leap of faith when you decide on ‘the one’. It can be hard to commit when maybe you’ve only had a two-minute test in the shop, or you’re buying online, based solely on reviews. We know that the process can be daunting so we give all of our customers 100 nights to fall in love with idyll. If, after this extra-long home trial you’re still not convinced you’ve found your dream match, you can return it to us, free of charge. Dreamy!