Frequently Asked Questions

Orders & General Enquiries

We remain a fully independent family-run company established over 75 years ago. We pride ourselves in being able to seek the best products at the best prices for our many customers. Our dedicated team is extremely knowledgeable, with years of experience, and offers the best advice to find the bed of your dreams. Our commitment to 5-star customer service has been rewarded with the 2023 Feefo Platinum Service Award.

Jones and Tomlin Ltd was established back in 1946; by two friends who had served alongside each other in the RAF during WW2. Realising the need for a general furnishers in Worthing, they invested their demobilisation money into the venture. Customers still visit today who remember buying their first dining or bedroom suites in the late 40’s or 50’s; some even still have the pieces in use today.

Our prices are extremely competitive. However, if you are buying in bulk, please email us to discuss your requirements. Unfortunately we do not offer trade discounts.

We have long standing relationships with our suppliers; some of which have been established decades ago such as: Vispring, Hypnos and Dunlopillo. Being completely independent we can source the best quality products on the market; with the maximum discounts available, and pass them straight onto you!

Yes, we offer a best price promise. We believe in offering the very best value on every one of our products. In the very unlikely event that you find the exact same item for sale elsewhere at a lower price; just send us an email or call us with the details of what you have seen and we will gladly match the offer.

What you need is a new bed which offers the right support (not necessarily hard!) Remember that the term orthopaedic only means that a bed is firmer in specification from that manufacturer. If you have a back or skeletal problem you should consult your GP or specialist before buying. Please click here to view our bed buying guide for independent and unbiased advice.

If you are unable to find a product that you are interested in; please email us with as many details as you can; so that we can do our best to source exactly what you are after.

Yes you can, feel free to call us on 01903 228911 and we can assist you through the order process over the phone.

Once you have placed your order, we will automatically send you an order acknowledgement email. This will detail the products you have ordered. Please take time to carefully check your contact details; and that the products you have ordered are correct on the email. If you do not receive an acknowledgement; or if you find any errors on your order, please phone our sales office immediately on 01903 228911.

Please contact us immediately via email or phone for further assistance.

No, we do not pass on details to any third party.

The first thing to do is get in touch with our Customer Services Team on 01903 228911. They’ll do everything they can to sort out the problem as efficiently as possible.

We’re supporting the Blue Light Community with an extra 5% off any purchase in-store*.

*T&Cs apply. Get an extra 5% discount on any in-store purchase. Valid from 1st December 2023. The discount is not valid online and no cash alternative is available. The Blue Light Card holder must be present at the time of purchase. A valid Blue Light Card must be shown, alongside a separate form of ID, for the discount to be awarded. We reserve the right to refuse any discount. We also reserve the right to modify/terminate this promotion if circumstances beyond our control make it necessary.

Size Guides

On each item’s listing, click on the “size guide” tab for that product’s full dimensions.

Click here for our comprehensive size guide.

Single and double beds will be 6’3″ (190cm) long. King and superking sizes will be 6’6″ (200cm) as standard. Some manufacturers will adapt the length of mattresses and bases for you; please email or phone to enquire.

Being disturbed by a sleeping partner is one of the most common complaints. With a larger bed you are less likely to disturb one another. 75% of all double beds are still the standard 4’6″ / 135cm wide; yet this is plainly not enough room for two adults to sleep comfortably; leaving only 2’3″ / 69cm of sleeping space each (that’s the same width as a baby’s cot mattress!).

Yes, we can offer many different options with various manufacturers we deal with. Please call or email us for more information or a quote.

This is perfectly normal with pocket sprung mattresses, during transportation they will ‘squash down’ or compact as the spring system is not secured in place. Over time your mattress will eventually spread out to its full size; this can take anything up to 2 months to happen.

Beds & Mattresses

Please email us or call on 01903 228911 for expert advice in answering any queries you may have.

Click on the Top Sellers tab on the far right hand side of the categories tab and you can browse the best selling items from each category.

It is advised. You wouldn’t lay a new carpet on the old underlay. We always recommend you buy a base and mattress together; because the two are designed to complement one another in terms of support. Your existing base might not be showing visible signs of wear and tear, but will have had equal pressure and strain as your old mattress. If you purchase a new mattress to go onto an old base it will also compromise the warranty – please click here for further information on divan bed bases.

This can depend on a lot of different factors. Frequent washing of bedding and airing of your bedroom will help to maintain a healthy sleeping environment. Have a browse through our linen section for anti-allergy mattress protectors. If any particular allergies are a concern to you, just drop us an email or phone us for advice.

The “average” lifetime of a bed is typically between 8 and 10 years. We offer advice for prolonging the life of your bed in the buying guides at the bottom of the page in the customer service section. As with the quality of the bed or mattress that you choose, the lifespan will differ. Selecting a quality product will ensure that you experience a superior level of comfort and restful sleep throughout your bed or mattresses lifetime.

Unless otherwise stated under the products’ description, all items will come with a standard 1 year guarantee. Further details are found by clicking here.

The first 3-6 months use of a new bed or mattress do require more frequent turning; we do, however, sell many non-turn mattresses that will only need rotating if turning them over is an issue. Every new bed or mattress will come with a care guide that applies to the mattress that you have purchased.

Whichever way you like! Single beds can be spun around to suit whichever way you need the drawers to be on; headboard bolt inserts will be at both opposite ends of the divan base to accommodate.

Yes, any UK-made headboard will fit any of our standard size beds – please click here to view headboards in our online store.

Please refer to our bed buying guide for comprehensive advice on choosing the right bed or mattress for you.

Again, please refer to our bed buying guide for comprehensive advice on choosing the right bed or mattress for you.

Hand side stitching is a labour-intensive process. It involves the perimeter rows of pocket springs to be directly sewn to the side panels of the mattress; this gives complete and absolute edge to edge support and prevents the side panels from bulking out over time. Genuine hand side-stitching is normally only found amongst elite bed makers such as; our Vispring and Somnus branded beds or mattresses.

A simulated hand stitch (or machine stitch) is used to give the impression of genuine hand side-stitching. Machine side stitching is purely a decorative detail and does nothing towards the construction of the mattress.

Once you have unrolled your mattress, place it on the bed in a warm room for at least 8 hours before use. After this time the mattress will form its usual shape. Recovery time will be quicker in a warmer room. Please make sure the room is well ventilated as the mattress has been factory vacuum-packed and may omit a slight odour for a short period of time.

This is perfectly normal with pocket sprung mattresses; during transportation they will ‘squash down’ or compact as the spring system is not secured in place. Over time your mattress will eventually spread out to its full size; this can take anything up to 2 months to happen.


Yes, we offer free delivery to any mainland UK address; it is subject to area, as remote areas of the UK may carry a small surcharge; please click here for more information.

Locally yes; we offer a like for like recycling service as part of our ongoing commitment to reduce landfill waste. We can offer this to many of our national customers but it may carry a small charge. Please contact us for full details.

To find out if you if you are in our local delivery area and qualify for free delivery with Jones Tomlin, please click here.

All stock items will be delivered within the following time frames:
Local delivery: 1-5 working days
National delivery: 3-10 working days
Special orders from manufacturers can vary, and are stated on each item’s description.

Please see the delivery tab under individual item listings for full details on the service included.

All divan bases (excluding singles) will be split into two sections for ease of delivery.  If you have a limited amount of manoeuvering space on your staircase you may want to measure up first to ensure it will go up! Bed frames are a popular alternative as they will come flat packed from the manufacturers.

Yes we can. Being very time consuming we do however charge for the assembly of any products; this is not always available, contact us before you order to see if this is available.

Local deliveries will be delivered using our own vans; so we will call you to arrange a convenient time and day for your delivery. Nationwide deliveries and orders delivered directly from the manufacturers may vary. Please email us for more information.

For local deliveries we can call you before we deliver; we must be informed of this before or when the delivery slot is arranged.
For national deliveries this will depend on our choice of courier; for larger orders (divan sets, multiple large item orders) you can arrange a pre-delivery call when you are contacted to arrange your delivery. Single item orders (eg. headboards, bed frames) will be delivered by a courier between 9am and 6pm. Unfortunately, we cannot arrange for a pre-delivery call in this instance.

Unfortunately we cannot amend the delivery address once an order is placed for security reasons. We are however very flexible, feel free to email us so we can do our best to help meet your request.

Due to high transportation costs we are normally unable to deliver items to multiple addresses. Please email if you have a specific need and we’ll do our best.

Please contact us immediately via email or phone! There may be a re-delivery cost to pay if you miss your delivery.

Please email us for more information on collecting your goods.

This is always possible, but obviously shipping costs will need to be charged. Please email for a competitive quote.

Bed Linen & Duvets

We are lucky enough to be dealing with a selection of bespoke linen manufacturers; they can adapt items to almost any size. Please call or email us for more information.

Selecting the finest quality bed linen can be confusing amid so many claims of thread counts and finishes. With decades of experience, we understand cotton and the secret to detecting what is the best. Of course thread count is important but when choosing the finest there are other considerations. For example, the quality of the cotton itself, the feel of the fabric against your skin and the design. Please click here to view bed linen made from Egyptian cotton.

Technically, thread count means the number of threads woven together in a square inch. You count both lengthwise (warp) and widthwise (weft) threads. So 100 lengthwise threads woven with 100 widthwise threads produce a thread count of 200.

The thread count is influenced by the construction and quality of the yarn used. With finer threads, such as Egyptian cotton; more threads can be woven into a square inch, which produces a finer fabric. It is as well to be wary of marketing claims of very high thread counts, sometimes up to 1000. These claims are made by twisting fine threads to achieve the high numbers for customers who may, understandably, buy on thread count alone.

Percale is a name given to woven cloth (usually used for bed linen) that is at least or over 200 thread-count. It does not relate at all to the composition of the cloth fibres.

Yes, all of our sheets will go over any mattress that we sell.  If you are buying new sheets for an existing mattress; then please measure yours carefully and refer to our linen size guide if you are not sure.

Generally, polyester isn’t as comfortable as cotton because it keeps sweat close to your body; whereas cotton soaks it up and then releases the moisture. Unlike cotton; polyester does not breathe and is apt to stick to skin when an individual sweats. But it is extremely tear-resistant and is more elastic than cotton.

Home laundering is recommended for all of our linens before use to remove and excess due residue; loose threads from manufacturing, and of course to soften up the fabric slightly.

Bear in mind that all 100% cotton sheets / duvet covers etc can and may shrink up to 7% in size. All of our luxury bed linen manufacturers produce all items larger than normal to accomodate for this.

We always recommend a professional dry-cleaners to wash your duvet. However, it’s always worth checking the label; as natural and synthetic duvets will have different care instructions.

Please refer to our size guide for details.

Please refer to our size guide for details.

The TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) is a measure of thermal insulation of a unit area of a duvet. Tog ratings are based on a duvet’s ability to trap warm air. Natural filled duvets have better thermal properties than synthetic. They need less filling to achieve the same level of warmth, so their weight can be deceptive.
Lightweight (Summer): 4.5 tog
Spring/Autumn weight: 9.0 – 10.5 tog
Heavyweight (Winter): 12.0 – 13.5 tog

Down is a spherical plume of thousands of soft fibres radiating in all directions from a central quill point; usually originating from geese and ducks. Down has been used as the perfect duvet and pillow filling for centuries. This is due to its incredible thermal efficiency and being very lightweight to allow our body to relax at night; to feel warm and yet to allow for movement with little interference. Hungarian goose down from Brinkhaus is considered to be the finest; being the most insulative and lightweight. All credit to the higher altitudes and harsher winds amd temperatures that the outer feathers endure to create the softest and finest down.

Our All Seasons duvets offer great flexibility. They consist of two separate duvets – a lightweight 4.5 tog for summer and a warmer 9 tog for autumn and spring. During winter, you simply put the two duvets together for a cosy 13.5 tog duvet. Please click here to view our selection of all-seasons duvets in our online store.

Duvets with natural fillings are soft, light and comfortable; in the same way that natural fibres help your skin ‘breathe’ more effectively. They are also highly resilient and tend to last longer than those with synthetic fillings.
Duck feather and down duvets are heavier than goose down, which many people prefer. A top quality natural-filled duvet could last as long as 30 years, whereas the average lifespan of a good quality synthetic will be up to 10 years.

A box stitched duvet is specifically engineered to solve the dilemma faced by many in a modern well insulated houses and apartments. It is a system of boxes that are separated by a series of internal fabric walls. This cross stitching in a box format prevents the shifting of down; while the baffle wall construction eliminates cold spots and allows the down to loft to its full potential.

Bearing in mind that a fifth of our body weight is our heads. A good investment needs to be made when purchasing a new pillow. Being such a personal preference with almost all of our shoppers; it’s hard to actually recommend a good pillow. Sleeping position is the most important part to consider. If you’re a side sleeper will need a deeper pillow to fill the gap between shoulder and neck; whereas a back or front sleeper will need a shallower profile pillow. Please email for more advice in picking the right pillow.

We offer a great selection of synthetically filled non-allergy pillows and duvets to suit your needs.

Yes we do! Please click here to view square pillows in our online store.

Bed Frames

Yes, all of our bed frames will arrive in boxes for self assembly. This is done for ease of access into your property.

All frames will arrive with full instructions for self assembly; most frames will take around 10-20 minutes to unwrap and fully assemble. Please email us if you have any concerns before purchasing. We may be able to offer you an assembly service; however this is normally chargeable – please contact us for further information.

A bedstead base with sprung slats features curved wooden slats (usually made of beech wood) which sit within the frame. The natural bounce in the sprung slats means that they will adjust to your profile; where you exert the most pressure. Double, King and Superking size frames will have one set of slats on each side; supported by a centre-rail, which alleviates you and your partner rolling together. In addition, it ensures you will not be disturbed when your partner gets out of bed.

Almost every mattress made today will be absolutely fine on a slatted base. Do bear in mind that some mattresses are made exclusively to go onto specific bases. A mattress displayed on a sprung divan base will feel considerably firmer when placed onto rigid slat.

Yes we can. We can get a selection of mattresses made to almost any shape and size to fit your size requirements; as European sizes are different to the UK, and IKEA mattresses won’t fit a UK made bed.

Quite frequently the occasional nut or bolt may have fallen into the packaging of your bed or dropped on the floor. Please ensure you have checked everywhere for any missing pieces. In the unlikely event of there being a missing fitting; please email us straight away so that we can get one out to you as soon as possible.

Some of them may. Simply search for that product’s name to see what options come back on the search results; alternatively please use the filters on the left hand side of the page to refine your search.

Adjustable Beds

As with our regular divan sets, all headboards and any other items displayed in the image shown will be at an extra cost.

Please refer to the instruction manual that is provided with the bed. The details on mattress care for your specific model will be on here; or email us if you no longer have this. However, most mattresses on adjustable beds are non-turn for ease of use.

All adjustable beds are 3 inches longer in length to a normal divan bed; we deal with various manufacturers that can produce bespoke made bed linen. Please click here for single-size adjustable bed sheets, or please email us for more information.

No, adjustable beds use a standard three pin household plug and the electric motors attached to the bed are fully insulated.

Not at all, you need little power to raise and lower an adjustable bed. Electric current is only drawn whilst the adjustable bed is being raised or lowered.

Most adjustable beds will have a battery backup incase of a power shortage. This is to enable you to return the bed to its normal position, allowing you to easily get out of the bed.

No, the mattress needs to be specifically designed for use on an adjustable. This is so that it is able to profile with the bed’s mechanism. Typical mattresses will not be made to bend as an adjustable mattress does.

Yes, the controller comes with raised buttons with a little illustration that is extremely easy to use, even in the dark.