Divan Bed Buying Guide

A divan is essentially a bed base. Our guide explains the differences to choose from.

What is a divan bed?

Divans are the UK’s most popular style of bed. Most divan bed bases are an upholstered wooden box; split in half for greater accessibility, with movable castors or fitted with legs to create space beneath. They can be customised in a large selection of fabrics; and also purchased with matching fabric headboards to create a real statement in your bedroom.

There are two main benefits of buying a divan bed. Firstly, a sprung divan base provides significantly superior support. Secondly, there is a huge choice of storage options available when buying a divan bed. Our guide will explain the benefits of buying a divan bed with a sprung base. In addition, it highlights the numerous storage options available.

Types of Divan Bed Base

Platform Top

Solid or platform top; divan bed bases don’t have any springs to help support the mattress. They are constructed with a wooden frame and have a rigid, non-sprung top panel; often made from hardboard. This is generally then upholstered with a layer of padding on top. Platform top bases are ideal for those looking for a firmer feel. They are available with a full range of storage options which are detailed later in our guide. Two of our most popular ranges with platform top bases are listed below.

Shop Rest Assured Platform Top Divan Sets
Shop Hypnos Orthos Support Collection

Open Coil

An open coil sprung base is a steel spring unit attached to the top panel of the base. An open coil pocket sprung base is designed to soften the feel of your mattress; in addition, it increases the lifespan of your new bed as the springs work in conjunction with the mattress. Open coil sprung bases are a great cost effective way to achieve a softer feel; no matter if you are buying a replacement base only or a divan set complete with mattress. Two of our most popular ranges that use an open coil base are listed here:

Shop Hushabye Options Pocket Divan Set
Shop Hypnos Natural Comfort Collection

Pocket Sprung

Pocket sprung divan bases feature a complete pocket spring unit mounted on a solid wooden frame. Acting like a giant shock absorber; it’s considered the most luxurious option; therefore providing individual support and relieving more pressure points.  The UK’s finest bed makers supply pocket sprung bed bases as standard; as a result, they are by far the most supportive type of base option and help reduce excess movement. Two premium bed makers who have used pocket sprung bases for years as standard are listed here:

Shop Somnus Beds
Shop Vispring Beds

On Legs

Divans on legs are a great solution for those who want to take advantage of platform top, open coil or pocket sprung bases; but they do not require the storage options a deep divan gives you. A divan base on legs makes the underneath of the bed easily accessible; legs and base fabrics can be personalised depending on the supplier; and shallow matching headboards can be purchased to complete the look. Most of our premium suppliers will offer their beds on legs as standard. Two of our most popular beds are listed here:

Shop Hypnos Hazel Deluxe Bed on Legs
Shop Manor Rose Dorchester Bed on Legs

The difference between a Firm Edge base and a Sprung Base

If you decide to purchase a sprung base there are two options offered by most of our suppliers.

Firm Edge Base

Providing a supportive and firmer border; the springs don’t extend fully to the base perimeter; therefore, can help to prevent “roll out” to the side of the bed.

Sprung Edge Base

Used for increased comfort and durability; a sprung edge base, as the name suggests, features springs that run to the very edge of the base. You’ll get a softer feel and this is the base type of choice from our premium suppliers.

Choose your Base Options

Storage Drawers

Under-bed storage can be useful to store bulky items if space in your home is at a shortage. Choose from 2 & 4 drawer options; end drawers, sliders or even no drawers. It doesn’t matter if the base is sprung or platform top.  Smaller drawers can be supplied at the head end to open in front of bedside tables or winged headboards. Just remember that it does normally cost a little more to include the extra storage.

Ottoman Divan Bases

The ultimate storage solutions, simply lift up the top of the divan, which is hinged to the base; allowing you to use the entire divan base for storage. Hydraulic springs are used to make it easy to lift up, even with the mattress in place. Ottoman divan bases are available from a number of our suppliers in a huge selection on fabrics and prices. Ottoman bases provide an excellent solution for smaller bedrooms, as you do not need to allow room to pull out the drawers.

The Hideaway™

The Hideaway™ divan base is made exclusively by Hypnos and is a completely unique take on under bed storage. This storage option offers significantly more storage capacity when compared to traditional drawers.  In essence it is a hollow storage base hidden by a large fabric valance and can be combined with drawer or Hypnos’ hidden bed safe.  The Hideaway™ is available in a large number of Hypnos fabrics. Hypnos also manufacture a large number of headboards to complete the look.

The EasyStore™

The Easystore™ divan base features a drawer that offers double the capacity of two storage drawers; over 20 litres of storage per drawer. This fully opening heavy duty drawer features a convenient pull handle and can accommodate up to 60kg of weight; three times the weight of a standard drawer. The divan base is available with drawers both sides as standard, but it is also available with one drawer only.

Hidden Bed Safe

The hidden bed safe is once again exclusive to Hypnos who have partnered with Yale. Yale are one of the worlds best known and preferred lock brands; to discreetly add a safe into a divan base to store your valuables. The safe is hidden and secured behind a beautifully upholstered drawer front built into the base; for ultimate peace of mind the Yale safe comes accredited with £10,000 valuables protection and £1000 cash protection.

Base Fabrics

The majority of our suppliers will offer a choice of fabrics for your new divan base to help personalise your new bed. Our premium suppliers keep a close eye on the latest colour trends; and ensure their swatches offer a wide variety of the best colours and fabrics for use on your base and matching headboard if required.  If you are buying your new bed online please contact us for colour samples which we are happy to post out to you.

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