Buying a new bed in-store is a chance to zone our and indulge in finding your perfect sleep comfort. Our bed stores are a sanctuary of calm where there’s no need to take your shoes off or even hang your coat. Simply lay down, kick your feet up and get comfortable!

Whether you’re looking to make an improvement in your sleep or replace an old bed that is otherwise a good fit for you, now is the time to recalibrate your perceptions and take your time to try as many beds as you have time for. From the softest to the firmest mattresses, buying a new bed in-store is an opportunity to fully understand the variety and scope of options available to you.

What to expect in a Jones & Tomlin store

It’s not every day you buy a new bed, so walking through the doors of our stores you’ll likely discover a calm atmosphere with few other people around.  You can be confident that you’ll have plenty of space to explore at your own pace and try beds without being surrounded by prying eyes.

Either hidden away, or standing by the door, ready to greet you is a friendly salesperson. Once greeted, you’ll be asked if you need assistance or prefer to browse alone. Either option is fine, and many people will feel that they are well-armed with enough information to shop by themselves.

If you do require assistance, we’ll listen to your needs, provide expert advice, and make the bed buying process as simple as possible. Whether you want a quick chat about a particular premium brand, free delivery or want to talk in-depth about spring types and fillings, we’re always on hand should you require our help. You’ll never be pressured and will always receive the best independent advice to make an informed purchase.

Key factors to consider

It’s important to be as comfortable as possible when shopping for a new bed. In an ideal world, a bed store would have complimentary pyjamas and duvets to put on. As that’s not very hygienic, you want to simulate the sleeping environment as best you can by wearing loose-fitting clothes. And in the words of independent sleep expert, Dr. Neil Stanley, “miniskirts are not advised…”

We come in all shapes and sizes and it’s almost impossible to create a one size fits all guide. That said, if we really oversimplify the process, it is possible to break things down into 2 key factors to consider: support and comfort.

The best support

Bed support should primarily relate to body weight. Those with a slight build will generally require gentle/soft support and those of greater stature require harder/firmer support. Some bed stores will try to display this numerically with a scale from 1 to 5. Eg.  1=soft and 5=firm.

Whilst weight is generally (there’s that word again) the best guide for choosing the perfect support level, it isn’t necessarily an exact science. For instance, taller people are typically heavier but their weight is spread over a greater surface area; so a firm mattress may not actually be the right choice in that case.

Manufacturer guidelines, numeric scales, and sales advice should always be considered, but ultimately, personal preference is your best guide.

Feel good comfort

If support is the core of the mattress, then comfort is the initial softness you feel from the first contact with the bed.

Your sleep comfort is a far more personal choice than support. Regardless of your weight or size, you may prefer a bed that feels firm from the instant you lay on it, or you may prefer an initial soft feel with firmer core support. There are lots of factors to consider here (some of us have very pronounced hips and shoulders, varying levels of pain, discomfort, or injuries/health issues). These factors will help to influence your decision but you should feel confident in following your gut feeling. Only you will know what feels right and if you get that love at first lay feeling!

Narrowing down your options

Once you’ve done your initial bed testing and considered the level of support and comfort you require, you may find yourself with a selection of beds to choose from. You’ll probably consider this shortlist to be a good fit, but it might be difficult to choose one over another. Now is the time to consider some secondary factors…

If you’re testing with a partner, you might simply want to choose a bed that you can both agree on. If it’s not quite that easy, or you sleep alone, you should think about what type of sleeper you are. Are you fidgety, are you still, are you easily disturbed, or are you a very warm sleeper?

Some of us turn frequently in the night whereas others will sleep soundly in one position all night. Fidgety sleepers need to think about how freely they can turn over while testing a bed. Having too soft a comfort will limit movement and risk waking you up from your sleep cycle when you naturally turn over. Non-fidgety sleepers comparably can go for a softer comfort knowing that they can allow the bed to encapsulate them more.

If you’re a hot sleeper, stay away from memory foam and manmade polyester fibres. These materials will always be hotter to sleep in regardless of any cooling covers or gel technology. Natural fillings such as wool and cotton have far superior cooling and temperature regulation properties and are a must for temperature-sensitive sleepers.

Although memory foam does have problems with temperature and breathability, it can offer a better solution for blood circulation, nerve pain, and pressure point relief. If you like the feel of a memory foam bed but are sensitive to temperature, then a natural latex mattress can offer the same pressure relief and a cooler sleeping experience.

Final Considerations

Whilst your salesperson is a fountain of knowledge and expertise, they can only assist you based on the information they have at hand. Please do feel confident to discuss your personal sleep requirements with them if you feel they are relevant to your decision. Fully understanding your needs is key to providing the very best sleep advice.

Having said that, certain medical conditions require professional medical advice. Please contact a medical professional for advice on sleeping whilst newly pregnant or if you have a non-visible medical issue.

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