Have you ever stopped to wonder just how much dirt your mattress collects over its lifetime? From dust mites to dead skin and bodily fluids (yuck), there’s a whole host of nasties that can make it through your bed linen and onto the mattress.

Luckily for you, learning how to clean a mattress is much easier than you might think. Follow this basic routine regularly and it can help to keep your mattress fresh and hygienic for years.

1. Wash your bedding

Let’s start with the obvious. Before cleaning your mattress, you must remove all your bedding and put your sheets, pillowcases and mattress covers through a suitable washing machine cycle. Hot water will help to get rid of any dirt and allergens. You might even be able to wash your pillows too – just make sure to read the label first – not all pillow types will fair well after a spin in the washing machine! You can always read our handy guide to find out more!

2. Vacuum the mattress

Vacuum over the entire mattress surface (use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment if possible). Many of the mattresses we sell include hand-crafted tufts and side-stitching that can create dips and places for dirt and dust to hide – make sure to give these areas some special attention.

3. Treat stains individually

Once hoovered, you need to focus on removing any stains from the mattress. This is the time to proceed with maximum caution and treat stains individually.

Whatever your mattress type, you should never soak or apply water or cleaning products directly to the mattress – this will damage the mattress.

Use an enzyme cleaner to remove biological stains such as blood, vomit, sweat and urine (some biological stains will be easier to remove than others). Apply the remover to a clean cloth and blot the stain with the cloth to saturate it. After leaving for the required time, then apply cold water to another cloth and continue blotting until the stain lifts away.

Always try to use as little product and moisture as possible.

4. Sprinkle baking soda all over the surface

Baking soda is your friend and works brilliantly to break down acids and absorb moisture and bad odours. Sprinkle a generous amount over the mattress surface (use a sieve to distribute evenly) and leave for at least 30 minutes. The longer you leave the baking soda on the mattress, the better it will perform.

5. Vacuum the mattress again and leave it to air

Remove the baking soda with your vacuum and hey, presto, the odours, moisture, and grime should have been absorbed. Remove any remaining baking soda with a soft brush if you wish.

It is a good idea to open your windows and leave the mattress to air and dry out if possible.

6. Flip the mattress

As most of the mattresses we sell are designed to use both sides, you’ll need to flip the mattress and repeat steps 2-5.

Flipping a mattress is a vital way to look after your investment whether you are cleaning or not (and combining the two processes at the same time makes a lot of sense). We would suggest flipping a mattress every 3 months to avoid compression of the mattress fillings.

It’s important to remember that not all mattresses need flipping (eg. memory foam just needs rotating) so always check the product care guide first.

7. Use a mattress protector

There’s no point in giving your mattress a thorough clean if you don’t then protect it. Using a mattress protector not only makes cleaning easier but also protects against spills, dirt, and dust. Our range of high-quality mattress protectors protects your investment and can also help to regulate body temperature.

Is your mattress past the point of no return?

Cleaning a mattress properly will help to keep it in tip-top condition, but it can’t perform miracles. All mattresses have a natural lifespan, so if you’re waking up in pain, sleeping on lumps and bumps, or don’t feel fully supported, then it’s probably time to upgrade!

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