Enhancer 6000

Single – 90 x 190cm Mattress Topper

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DimensionsDepth x Width x Height
190 cm x 90 cm

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The Somnus Enhancer 6000 has been designed and hand-crafted by Somnus, using traditional bed making methods and ideals of substantial amounts of natural fibres combined with their innovative and pioneering Sensa intelligent springs. Natural fibres are the best materials for beds and bed accessories as they are more resilient than man-made fibres, but they are also much softer and they are more breathable and absorbent.


The Somnus Enhancer 6000 is lavishly upholstered with all natural fibres such as Egyptian cotton, British Eco wool, mohair, hemp and flax. These fibres all work together to create a sumptuous and luxurious feel to the enhancer as the wool soft and breathable whilst also wicking away moisture, combined with the high-quality Egyptian cotton which absorbs moisture to create a cool and dry sleeping experience. Hemp and Flax act in a similar way to wool and cotton by being very breathable and providing a soft feel.

A new addition to this enhancer is the presence of Mohair. Hairs are one of the best materials to put into a bed or in this case an enhancer as hair is one of the most resilient materials available, they not only resist settlement, but are also more breathable than wools and cottons, helping to regulate your temperature to keep you cool and dry. This resilience does not make it firm but is more of a “springy” feel to them and in conjunction with the sensa intelligent springs creates a more supportive feel.


Having a combination of sensa intelligent micro springs and natural fibres creates a different feel when it comes to enhancers. Most enhancers focus on large amounts of upholstery creating a softer layer on top of an existing mattress whereas the added micro springs also add a layer of support to the enhancer too, behaving more like a second mattress and a more supportive feel. Having such innovation in the Somnus Enhancer 6000 adds to the longevity as more resilient high quality natural fibres don’t settle as soon as lesser quality upholstery, and micro springs which do not lose their resistance over time, keeping the luxurious feel of the topper for longer.

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Dimensions Depth x Width x Height
190 cm x 90 cm

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