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Vispring Beds - Bespoke Vispring Divan Set Options

Creating the Vispring bed or Vispring mattress that suits you perfectly. VI-Spring aim to give you as many ways to personalise your bed as they possibly can.

Personalization is something VI-Spring take seriously. Bedroom sizes vary, along with height preferences, storage needs and styles of use. Choose from the sophisticated options available to ensure your new Vispring meets all your specific needs.  

Although VI-Spring's mattresses are traditionally made, that does not mean they have to be traditionally shaped. VI-Spring can make mattresses with cut-out corners for four-poster beds, extra large beds or divans in sections to negotiate narrow staircases. VI-Spring can personalize your headboard in the fabric of your choice or provide tailored covers for your divan. If you have a special requirement, VI-Spring will be delighted to accommodate it.

VI-Spring bed sizes
VI-Spring recommend that you choose a VI-Spring bed or VI-Spring base only as generously proportioned as your bedroom will comfortably allow. Single VI-Spring beds, naturally, make wonderful places for children to sleep. And if you have a special size VI-Spring bed in mind, VI-Spring's craftsmen will be happy to build it for you. Below are the standard VI-Spring bed sizes,  any adjustments can be made to the width or length of your VI-Spring bed.

90x190cm 90x200cm 100x200cm 120x190cm 135x190cm
150x200cm 167x200cm, 182x200cm, 202x200cm, 217x215cm


VI-Spring bespoke fabric collection
VI-Spring's bespoke fabric collection has been sourced from the finest weavers operating in Europe. It includes lavish materials, manufactured using traditional techniques in areas where their production has been a speciality for generations: elegant English wools and flannels, fine Belgian linens and the softest Italian velvets, among others. Using these precious materials, VI-Spring's skilled craftsmen upholster each fo their beds completely by hand. Their unique expertise will indulge you with enchanting luxury and sophistication as you sleep. The standard of their workmanship blends with these exceptional fabrics to offer that peerless quality of sensation and finish that you expect from a VI-Spring bed.

Click here to view the full VI-Spring Bespoke Fabric Collection


VI-Spring zip and link beds and zip and link mattresses
Vispring Zip & Link beds allow you to convert two single beds into one generously wide super king size bed, with the flexibility to separate them easily if you wish. The divan bases are linked head and foot and the mattresses zipped together along their full length.




Mattresses are fitted with two zips as standard. If you wish to be able to turn your mattresses both head to foot and side to side then they can be fitted with four zips. Please note that a supplementary charge


VI-Spring leg and castor options
Bring out the majesty of your VI-Spring bed with a set of legs to match your decor and lifestyle. VI-Spring's elegant range is available in a wide variety of heights and coatings to guarantee the last word in style.

Choose from smooth-running castors, locking castors, wooden or metal legs or traditional wooden bun feet. You can team wooden legs with a shallow VI-Spring divan, and they are available in a choice of heights to suit your preference.

L1. Wooden Leg
Available heights: 13cm, 15cm, 18cm, 23cm
Available colours: natural, mahogany, steel, ebony
L2. Wooden Leg
Available heights: 3cm, 5cm, 9cm, 15cm
Available colours: natural, mahogany, steel, ebony

L3. Wooden Leg
Available heights: 6.5cm
Available colours: natural, mahogany, steel, ebony
L4. Metal Leg
 Available heights: 13cm, 15cm, 18cm, 23cm
Available colours: chrome (no charge with shallow divan)
L5. Metal Leg
Available heights: 15cm
Available colours: bronze

B1. Wooden Bun Foot
Available heights: 7cm
Available colours: natural, mahogany, steel, ebony

B2. Metal/Wooden Bun Foot
Available heights: 6.5cm
Available colours (metal): bronze, chrome. Available colours (wood): natural, mahogany, steel, ebony
C1. Shepherd Castor
Height: 7cm
C2. Locking Castor
Height: 8.5cm
C3. Castor Cup
Height: 7.5cm
Available colours: natural, mahogany, steel, ebony


VI-Spring divan base options

VI-Spring divan skirts provide a clean tailored finish to your VI-Spring divan. They are fitted as standard on the Viceroy divan range, and are offered as an option on the other divans (subject to a supplementary charge). VI-Spring skirts cannot be fitted to storage drawer divans.
The VI-Spring divan mantle is an elegant way of concealing the gap between the two bases. It is standard on all Super King Sovereign divans, including Zip & Link beds, and is offered as an option on other sizes of Sovereign divans (subject to a supplementary charge). Divan mantles are not available on storage drawer divans.


VI-Spring divan base heights
Choose from three different divan heights, depending on the style of your bedroom and your preferences about ease of access to your bed.

    17cm_shallow_divan_175       25cm_low_sprung_divan_175       31cm_high_sprung_divan_175  
    17cm shallow sprung divan       25cm low sprung divan      

31cm high sprung divan

(full depth Viceroy divan is 33.5cm)


Divan height is from bottom edge to top edge. "Doming" effect of upholstery filling will add approximately 4cm to the height if measured at the centre. Shepherd castors will add 7cm. Lockable castors will add 8.5cm to the height from the floor to the bottom edge of the divan.


VI-Spring storage drawers
VI-Spring storage drawers add valuable storage space, and are smooth-running, meticulously upholstered, and built to cabinet standards with dovetail joints. VI-Spring divan bases can be made to measure at almost any height that you wish, have your VI-Spring base custom made to fit into an awkward space or a shallow VI-Spring bedstead base to fit into an antique bed frame.

111_foot-end_side_drawer_rt_200_200 111_pg105_foot-end_large_drawer_continental_rt_200_200 111_pg105_foot-end_large_drawer_standard_rt_200_200
Foot-end side drawer with a head-end continental drawer allowing space for a bedside cabinet Foot-end large drawer with head-end continental drawer Foot-end large drawer with standard head-end side drawer


VI-Spring mattress tensions
Consider your weight when choosing between VI-Spring’s soft, medium, firm and extra firm mattresses. Take account of your height, as well as the size of your room, when deciding how big your bed needs to be. And of course, be guided by what comfort means to you.

Up to 11 stone (70kgs)
11-16 stone (70-102kgs)
16-20 stone (102-127kgs)
Above 20 stone (127kgs)

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